Make a difference to humans and horses


We have a HUGE wait list of young people that are waiting to use our services who can’t afford to pay, which means they can’t access much needed mental health support. Your donation could make a HUGE difference to a young person’s life and gives an ex-racehorse a purposeful and humane future.

Support us

Donate a Bale of Hay

Did you know that one horse eats on average of 4/5 bales of hay per week?

Something as simple as a bale of hay can help us keep this charity alive.

Our goal is to get 100 bales to feed our therapy horses so they can continue to positively change the lives of children every single day.

Round Yard Upgrades

We need a dry, well lit place to work - can you help us build a roof for our round yard?

girl smiling with horse

Equine-Assisted Session

Donate a 60 minute equine assisted session for a child/teen in need to be matched with a psychologist/occupational therapist and a retired racehorse ($250).

Retired Racehorse Retraining

Donate one weeks retraining for one of our retired racehorses to receive imperative training to make them the best therapy partner for children and teens ($310).

Sponsor a Gold Horse

Therapy horses, worth their weight in gold.

Give children the gift of their lives, and sponsor one of our Gold Horses to continue their incredible work as therapy horses.

Rehab4Rehab takes in retired racehorses and gives them the time, space and training that they require to be therapy horses for children in need. Each horse deserves and receives five-star care. Horses are available to sponsor, which helps us to provide them with their food, blankets, daily maintenance and ongoing training.

Our Mission

We help vulnerable young people to overcome mental health struggles, through powerful therapy with retired racehorses. 

Mental health issues are affecting more and more young people.

From depression, anxiety and disengagement; through to low self-esteem, self-harm and suicide – we’re reaching crisis point.

No-one is born ready to cope with all the things that life can throw at us. So often, we need tools to help us manage what goes on in our minds. And our children need this now, more than ever.

That’s why Rehab4Rehab is on a unique and innovative mission.

Did you know that magic happens when children and teens step out of the clinic and into the stables?