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Help put a roof over our heads

Many of our children need to do their sessions after school, but with winter here we can only fit in one session after school time each day before darkness falls. We need a well lit, private space to take children and their therapy horses, so we have decided to fit out our existing round yard with a roof and lights so we can offer sessions into the evenings no matter the hour.

Our round yard is also vital to training our therapy horses as it provides us with an enclosed space with a safe non-slip surface and no distractions where they can learn the ins and outs of their new jobs. By enclosing the round yard we can train in any weather and help our horses to feel comfortable in their own skin faster so that they can get on to their important new jobs. 

Can you help us to put a roof over our heads and chase away the winter blues for children and horses this cold season?

Girl kissing horse