Hannah Lloyd

Alishia Griffiths riding horse

Growing up in the city, Hannah took any opportunity she could to immerse herself in everything horses. While she longed for her own horse as a young girl, she was fortunate to gain many valuable experiences which shaped her passion. After completing high school, she took time off from study to work in Arizona, USA, teaching children horse riding and husbandry at a summer camp for two consecutive summers. During her time at home in Australia, she filled her off-season working at a local horse racing stable where her love for the thoroughbred grew. This connection with the racing stable led to her ownership of 2 off-the-track thoroughbred who have gifted her with invaluable skills and knowledge as a horse owner and horsewoman. Having owned and worked with horses for over 8 years, Hannah is excited to be providing a service which caters to life after racing while acknowledging the valuable role horses can play in facilitating therapeutic outcomes. 

Hannah completed her degree in Occupational Therapy (Honours) at Monash University in 2018 and has experience working in Paediatric Occupational Therapy settings in private practice. Hannah works with children aged 4 to 18 years with a range of physical and cognitive challenges. Hannah has experience working with children with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, genetic conditions, and mild Cerebral Palsy. Hannah encourages client driven goals and works with a family centred approach to ensure consistency and progress for the transfer of skills to home.  

At Rehab4Rehab Hannah will be providing individual sessions to work towards the child’s goals, facilitated by engagement with horses and ponies. Horses can support many Occupational Therapy goals such as building fine and gross motor skills, developing emotional awareness and regulation, learning social skills, and managing sensory processing challenges to help children feel calm and regulated.