How to Train your Retired Racehorse

We have written a book to set you and your retired racehorse up for success from the outset.

Why this book is needed

With approx. 8500 thoroughbreds exiting the racing industry each year in Australia it is crucial that there are methods of support to assist new owners to re-educate retired racehorses, whether it be for general pleasure and ridden work or unridden careers such as therapy work.

This book shares the knowledge, expertise and stories hard earnt through generations of experience to help educate new owners and ensure the horses are reskilled in a kind, effective, and empathetic manner to set horse and rider up for success.

‘How to Train your Retired Racehorse’, has been reviewed by several experienced professionals in the racing and equestrian industry, with it already being touted as ‘their new bible’.

The book covers topics such as:

  • Understanding horses in their natural environment and the role of instinct
  • Choosing your horse
  • Setting your horse up for success at home
  • Tack and Equipment
  • Handling and Groundwork
  • First rides
  • Further education
  • Going to Pony club, Adult Riders, or a show
  • Setting goals
  • Therapy horses and the unridden horse
  • And appendices full of further information

One of the key messages throughout our book is:

“Remember that what your horse needs from you is a safe, comfortable living environment, with some social interaction and an owner who uses empathy and understanding to help him develop. If you are giving your horse all these things, you are more than enough for him; – You are amazing.”

(International postage is available on request)
(All profits from the sale of this book go to the charity Rehab4Rehab)

instructor guiding horse and girl
Boy patting horse at gate
horse in front of rehab4rehab sign

The Author

Kirsten Twining has a long history of training retired racehorses, predominately for Eventing. Her business Newhope Equestrian, which operated primarily in Western Australia, assisted many thoroughbreds to transition from the race track to new equestrian competition careers. She has over 2 decades of coaching experience, focusing on developing empathetic and successful partnerships between horses and their riders. Kirsten currently works at Rehab4Rehab as a horse training manager and project manager.  She also loves to write.

The Producer

Alisha Griffiths has lived and worked with horses all her life, running several successful businesses such as breeding barns, online warmblood auctions, horseback tours, international equestrian property consulting, and is also the founder of the charity Rehab4Rehab. She currently lives on her beautiful Mornington Peninsula property where the Rehab4Rehab charity is based. Alisha has purposefully designed the structure of Rehab4Rehab to be scalable, to assist more retired racehorses and children with each passing year.