Girl kissing horse

Racing Name – Woolay (5 year old – raced in Australia and Hong Kong). 

We call him Couscous and that’s a funny story. Ask us sometime. We retained Couscous and we love him. We wish we could keep him forever but we know he has to go on to continue a rider career as he is so talented. 

We know we are not supposed to have favourites, but Cousy Couscous is definitely up there. He is the most affectionate, curious and sensitive horse. He doesn’t give his love away freely, but when you’ve earnt his trust, he’ll try to cuddle you by wrapping his neck over your shoulder to bring you in close, and then you’ll know you are truly loved. 

instructor and boy next to horse

Our charity needs your help

We already have a waiting list of families who cannot afford equine therapy. They do not yet have a diagnosis which means:

• no mental health plan or
• they do have a mental health plan BUT, it may not cover equine therapy