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To be an autism family is to love unconditionally … love with fear and concern and love with uncertainty.  An autism diagnosis brings big challenges and heartbreak, but also much love and proudness that is almost impossible to put into words.

My oldest son Noah has been facing these challenges since he was diagnosed with autism aged 4.5 years, and in the time since he has been involved in many therapies but none that have ever been able to bring a smile to his beautiful face, enter Jo and Wally.

Rehab4Rehab have wonderful clinical psychologists who practice within the beautiful surroundings at Rehab4Rehab, Main Ridge.  Rehab4Rehab have an amazing sidekick named Wally and the 2 of them are able to provide a safe place for Noah just to be himself and express his worries whilst having many laughs and lots of smiles.

Rehab4Rehab have been exceptionally patient and understanding of Noah and every session he attends he is provided with an opportunity to talk about any of his presenting worries and he knows that they will offer appropriate coping strategies and advise that is welcomed warmly and delivered perfectly.

From mum Shelley