What we do

Helping vulnerable people to overcome mental health struggles, through Equine Assisted Therapy with retired racehorses.

How can horses help with
mental health issues?

Most people aren’t aware that horses are sensitive and extremely intuitive; with an incredible ability to mirror our emotions. After all, every retired racehorse has been through a journey of its own.

By connecting with these magnificent animals in a calm manner, people can form a relationship with them that’s based on pure trust. And in turn, this natural connection helps people to regulate their own emotions.

It’s therapy through meaningful experience.

In a clinical environment, even the best health professionals can struggle to build a rapport with someone suffering from mental health issues. But it’s a very different story for a person when they’re in a paddock grooming a calm horse on a beautiful farm.

Whether they’re leading a horse or doing groundwork, the therapy is based on mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’. It allows people to manage their anxiety, regulate their emotions, and improve their communication skills.

instructor guiding horse and girl
Boy patting horse at gate
horse in front of rehab4rehab sign

Why us?

Therapists at Rehab4Rehab include AHPRA registered clinicians, and we aim to expand our team of therapists registered under national boards such as AHPRA. Professions allied to medicine are qualified by a degree process; then by registration in order to be able to practice in Australia.

The registration follows a strict and rigorous government requirement. and demands a high level of evidence-based experience as well as ongoing Continued Professional Development, training and supervision.

Our team also includes Occupational Therapists and PACFA registered Therapists including Equine Assisted Therapy practitioners.

instructor guiding horse and girl
Boy patting horse at gate
horse in front of rehab4rehab sign

Our Point of Difference

Our program is unique in that we support the rehabilitation of both horses and humans.  We work in conjunction with Red Hill Equestrian who are the providers of the equine welfare, care and management. They are an experienced equine facility with a service skilled in retraining horses for a new purpose.

This is where retired racehorses are prepared and assessed for their readiness for the program and are provided with ongoing full care and management. Our therapy horses are prepared for a new life after the completion of our program and go on to be re-homed.  This way we are able to help a large number of horses to move through our program and they help humans along the way.

instructor guiding horse and girl
boy patting horse at gate
Model for Imogen Story

❤️ Let’s share these benefits nationally! 

The Rehab4Rehab formula is scalable. Although our promise is a one year promise – to rest, reset, retrain and a potential option to participate in therapy for every horse, once the horses are rehomed there is a place for another.

With the support of like-minded communities and stakeholders who:

  • feel an ethical responsibility towards these horses and
  • value the mental and physical wellbeing of children struggling in society and at school

We anticipate a quick scaling capacity.