Rehab4Rehab front reception

Where are you located?

We are located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Main Ridge.  Rehab4Rehab is approximately 1 hour from Melbourne.

Are you registered with the NDIS?

Yes, we take NDIS clients, either self-funded or planned-managed

How much do the sessions cost?

$250 per session

What happens during the session with my child/teenager and the horse?

It all depends on the child/teenager, the nature of the problem and the stage of therapy.  Sessions with the horse may involve structured activities such as grooming, groundwork or mounted sessions, or unstructured activities with a focus on the relationship between the client and the horse, and the impact of human emotions and behaviours on the horse. Sessions might focus on learning regulation skills, developing confidence and assertiveness, exploring feelings and developing insights, amongst other therapeutic techniques. Interventions are based upon a foundation of evidence-based therapies such as CBT, ACT, interpersonal therapy, DBT, Emotion focussed therapy and more.

Can I be with my child/teenager when they’re doing the session with the horse/s?

This is possible; however, your therapist will discuss with you and your child or teen whether it is appropriate and beneficial for you to attend the session. The therapist will always keep you in the loop about session content, themes or concerns.

Can I use my Private Health Cover?

Yes, you can if you have extras with Psychology

Do I need a Mental Health Care Plan?

You don’t need to have a MHCP to come, but if you do qualify for a MHCP you will have access to 20 sessions per calendar year with a Medicare rebate.  The GP will initially approve six, and then another four, and if eligible there may be an additional ten sessions available under the COVID scheme.

How many sessions should I book in?

We start off with 6 sessions.  The first session is a one on one with the parent/s or caregiver and our Psychologist, after that session we start making bookings for the child/teenager.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our Cancellation Policy is at least 24 hours’ notice.  We have long wait lists and can offer your appointment to someone else if you can’t make it. Failure to provide at least 24 hours’ notice will result in the full fee being charged except in the case of emergency or exceptional circumstances.

Will there be other Rehab4Rehab locations?

We want children to be able to experience our Equine Assisted Therapy all over Australia, so yes, we will be looking at other locations for Rehab4Rehab over the next 2 years.

Do you do outside sessions when it’s raining?

We do have stables and horse shelters that we can work in so yes. Also we are raising money for our round yard to have a roof on it and lights so we can work in a safe and well-lit protected area.

How long is the session?

Each session is between 50 and 60 minutes

What should my child/teenager wear?

Winter:  Warm clothing: jacket, long pants, hat, and we recommend gumboots or waterproof shoes.
Summer: Enclosed shoes, long pants, sunscreen and a hat

Will my child get to ride a horse in their sessions?

At Rehab4Rehab all Psychology, OT and Speech Pathology sessions are conducted from the ground.  Equine-assisted therapies typically do not involve riding the horses unless there is a sound clinical rationale to include riding in the treatment plan.  Ridden sessions require the therapist to have specific additional training and insurance, and also require additional staff or volunteers for safety reasons. 

If your child would like to ride a horse, please speak to your therapist or to Leanne our Clinic Manager.  Our Founder, Alisha, is happy to organise a time for your child to ride one of our therapy horses or ponies under her guidance and supervision for around 15 minutes as a special treat. 

Alternatively, we can suggest a number of riding schools in the area where your child can learn to ride in a professional and safe environment. 

Do you do assessments?

At present we do not offer formal assessments for conditions such as Autism or cognitive assessments but can recommend psychologists who do. We are able to diagnose high prevalence disorders such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, PTSD and so on.

If my child/teenager doesn’t want to be with the horse/s is that ok on the day?

We do not pressure any child/teenager to be with a horse, we also have 2 miniature ponies and a Shetland, plus our Rehab4Rehab kitten – Panda. We have two lovely therapy rooms if the child/teenager prefers to have a room-based session or if an indoor session is deemed appropriate by the psychologist.

Do you conduct sessions during the School Holidays?

Yes, Rehab4Rehab is open during the School Holidays.

Do you do sessions with adults?

There maybe a few spots available for adult sessions, and we are heavily booked with children/teenagers, so please call Rehab4Rehab for availability.